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Funds Request Form

How To Claim Your Funds

Congratulations!  You’ve received a scholarship from the BCSC. Now what? To claim your funds, send proof of registration (a copy of your tuition bill and a copy of your class schedule detailing your credit load–most scholarships require us to verify your full-time student status) along with your completed Recipient Request Form for Payment of Scholarship.  You received this form at Honors Night.  If you need another copy of the payment request form, click on the link below.

The BCSC payment schedule begins after July 1 each year. If your scholarship is paid in two installments, a second request including proof of registration should be mailed to BCSC after your second semester enrollment information is available.

Request for Payment forms must be received or postmarked by February 21, 2023.

PLEASE NOTE:  All BCSC Scholarship payments are sent directly to your school.  It is very important to make sure we have your correct student ID number and the correct mailing address for your school’s payment office.  We do not want your scholarship check to get misdirected!