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If you are interested in being considered for any BCSC-administered scholarship with a financial need requirement, you must complete the standard FAFSA Form and provide a copy of the official SAR (Student Aid Report) compiled by this organization. In addition, please submit the following four figures you have reported to this organization in the space below: Adjusted Gross Income, Net Worth, Number in Family and Number in College.


Scholarships that have a financial need requirement are identified with an * symbol on the first page of this application. Please review this list. If you do not complete a FAFSA form and provide the proper documentation, you WILL NOT be considered for any scholarship with an * symbol. Please note: “As Reported by the IRS” is not an acceptable response. We need actual numbers to process your application.


The FAFSA Form is available online at You will need data from either your 2019 or 2020 Federal Income Tax return. After you complete your worksheet, it will take the agency several days to process your information before you can print your official SAR. You must provide BCSC with a copy of your official 3-page SAR. A certificate stating that you completed the FAFSA Form is not acceptable Print your application before you submit it so you have a copy of all the data you submitted.


Make sure you follow all directions carefully and provide all requested information or your submission will be disqualified.


Please note: After you complete the FAFSA form, it may take several days to get a “PIN number” and to process your application. You will need two PIN codes: one for the parents and one for the student. You can apply for your PIN codes at any time. (You may want to do this immediately.) These special PIN codes are needed to print your SAR.)


Questions? Email BCSC at

Please provide BCSC with the following four figures as reported on your FAFSA application:

Adjusted Gross Income: (Total of lines 41, 42 & 43 plus lines 90, 91 & 92)

Net Worth:

Number in Family

Number in College



FAFSA Financial Form



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